#StoriesofWonderers – Rashmi ‘traveling with my 6 month old’

“Me and my hubby have been travelling since our baby was 6 month old and now we have completed 15 countries in 1 year.”

Many would say that motherhood is life changing and many would also say that traveling is life changing. Now combine the two, you have our shero of today. Rashmi. An avid traveller, a blogger at GoBeYondbounds and a mummy that travelled with her 6 month baby through 15 countries in 365 days!

IMG_9114.JPGHello Rashmi! What a story, thank you for sharing it with our #Wonderers. Did you ever worry about traveling with a new born?

We never ever thought that we would travel with our baby. After giving birth, my priority was to take care of the newborn and her health. But then my husband got an opportunity to work onsite( him and I are both software engineers) which would allow us to travel, we accepted the challenge.

Life teaches you lessons and gets you ready to challenges only if you have an positive outlook and similar thing happened with us.

We believe travelling gives us an opportunity to learn about different cultures, their history and the diverse nature. We need to get out of our comfort zones and explore new places. And if we have the will and passion for something, no problems or restrictions are going to stop us from achieving the best.

As Gustave Flaubert rightly said – “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

Our priority was to get it acquainted with weather changes but never thought I had  to adjust to her first winter in snow.

IMG_0922Most new mums are juggling feeding times and diapers, what encouraged you to travel in the end ?

We are both avid travellers , together we have covered most parts of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi in the north, Rajasthan in West, Karnataka, Kerala and Kanyakumari in the south.

And when we got an opportunity to travel to most beautiful country in the world Switzerland, there was no looking back.

Yes we were scared about travelling with a baby 6 months old but all thanks to my in laws, friends and family who boosted our spirit and were constantly supportive.

So with some advices and pre planning, we got over our initial fear and set off on the road.

IMG_1682Was there any ‘omg what am I doing’ moment during your travels?

Nothing much serious that we would regret our decision but yes there were lot of constraints.

Late night parties, pubs or even a night sightseeing tour was ruled out since we had to be back home to cater to baby food, sleep and most importantly rest.

We were denied entry to few rides and mountain heights in Switzerland since we were travelling with a six-month-old baby. We had to sometimes cut short our trip if the weather turned out to be too windy or hot or rainy for the comfort of the baby.

Other than unexpected situations our complete trip schedule, places of visit, entrance tickets to places of visit all were pre planned and booked in advance to avoid queues and disappointments

Most memorable experience whilst travelling for you as a family?

There has been so many! Walking through the lovely alleys of the medieval town of Bruges; the Catamaran Tour in Santorini Island of Greece; watching Sunset on the pebbled beach and white cliffs of Etretat; each and every trip in Switzerland is a tour of a fairytale land; listening to Fado in old district of Lisbon. To name a few!

If I had to pick one it will have to be watching the sparkling Eiffel tower with our parents who joined us in Paris. I cannot explain which was more beautiful the sparkling Eiffel or the twinkle in the eyes of our parents.

Any advice to mummies that are yet to travel with their kids?

I feel women plays very important role in bringing up her kids.

For a better next generation she needs to update herself first, to me it means a mother needs to travel know the world, to gain self confidence and only then can she effectively contribute to her kid’s upbringing.

That’s all from Rashmi, got questions? Leave it in the comment box below! Can’t get enough of us? Follow for daily updates!

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